Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Garden

I've been pretty proud of my garden so far. but now not so much. my mortal enemy has returned. and that is mildew! the powdery mildew on cucumber and squash plants. UGH its so irritating to me.

but i was thinking a lot today about it and realized that water pools under the plants when i have the weed fabric on. so we pulled it all out, well what we could of it anyways cause that particular brand of fabric disintegrated and was usless. you touched it and it fell apart. which was really maddening. i was thinking about through the years and last year most of my plants died cause of that stupid mildew. and i had fabric on there but nothing was covering it. just like this year. i remember two years ago the garden was really amazing. the difference? it was cause we had mulch all on top of the fabric! hopefully i can save my plants i'm really hopeful i can. but ugh adventures in gardening.. it is no joke!


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